The certificate is offered in a blended format with two in-person days at the start of the certificate and one in-person day at the conclusion. The opening days are held in Calgary and the final day in Edmonton. The in-person days are essential in building relationships among learners to enhance group learning throughout the certificate. Presentations by experts in the fields of patient-oriented research, clinical trials, ethics, and knowledge translation will be combined with group workshop activities to further explore and apply knowledge. The full-day in-person sessions are mandatory.

Weekly content is provided online, with a mixture of live synchronous sessions where learners can interact directly with provincial experts and leaders in clinical trials, as well as asynchronous online content that can be completed at the convenience of the learner. The online delivery will include live webinars with leading experts, online discussions, group work, case studies, podcasts, videos, and other integrative delivery methods to meet a variety of individual learning needs.


This is a 59.5 hour certificate, in addition to the external content. It is anticipated that learners will spend 3-4 hours per week on module content. The time commitment may vary as some weekly content is inevitably slightly heavier or lighter than others; this will be relatively balanced over the duration of the certificate and learners will be given plenty of notice in advance of modules with a heavier balance of content. Weekly synchronous sessions will be offered as lunch and learn webinars.