“Through participation in the certificate program, I gained a deeper understanding of all aspects of managing a clinical trial and the issues and challenges associated with conducting best practice in clinical settings. I also would like to highlight the importance of getting to know all the presenters and certificate members. I connected with experts who helped me to analyze our recruitment strategy and determine whether it is in compliance with ethics. We received support and advice to help us to turn our research project into a patient-oriented research project. After the first in-person day, learning about patient-oriented research, my supervisor and I applied through the AbSPORU Portal for services. With AbSPORU support, we have connections to a network of services and access to expertise and resources from Consultation & Research Service Platform, Knowledge Translation Platform and Patient Engagement Platform to inform our project and accelerate our research.

“We are excited to engage patients from the first research idea to its conclusion and thus explore a research question that matters to patients.”

-Olesja Hazenbiller, MSc
Research Coordinator, University of Calgary


“I did not know exactly know how valuable this course would be to me, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how well organized, enlightening, comprehensive, creative, and trend setting it would be. I am so glad I signed up! I’ve been enriched with a greater knowledge base. Its given me ideas and most of all rejuvenated me especially in the area of patient recruitment which is the greatest obstacle in my work.”

-Geri Anderson, RPN
Clinical Trials Coordinator, University of Calgary


“The first time I heard about the pragmatic clinical trials certificate was during a lunch and learn session a colleague suggested we attend. I was 2 months into my first clinical research coordinator job and completely lost. The person I replaced left me with a few binders and a list of acronyms. CRC, SOCRA, CRAC, GCP, TCPS2. I needed this course like a life raft.”

“It has been rewarding to turn the insights I gained from the Pragmatic Clinical Trials Certificate into benefits to my studies. After completing some of the online courses I became known in my lab as the one to go to if someone had questions. I grew in my role as a coordinator, was seen as an authority, and gained confidence from knowing the answers to my colleagues’ questions. On a personal level, I have implemented new practices to help with patient engagement.”

-Aaron Peterson, BSc
Research Coordinator, Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education


“This course was a wonderful way to come together as a group and discuss course content and hear other researcher experiences.  Often coordinators are out there alone with no support.  It helped solidify the knowledge and understanding I already have and show the gaps where I need to seek out further help.  I would recommend the course to any researcher who needs a refresher or absolutely to any new researchers who need direction on research practices in Alberta.”

-Claire Caffrey
Clinical Research Coordinator, University of Alberta


“When I first started working on an investigator-initiated clinical trial, I really had no idea what “rules” I had to follow, why they were in place, or who to ask for help if I didn’t know the answer. I did work with experienced colleagues who told me along the way what documents I needed and how to log needed information, which was helpful but didn’t provide me perspective and understanding on the bigger picture of why things are the way they are. Through this course I have a better understanding of regulatory requirements and why they are in place.”

– Michelle Kan, MSc CCRP
Project Manager, University of Calgary